Sunday, June 18, 2006

A hard act to swallow
Have you ever heard about some people who swallow whatever they see. Stevie grew up in a children’s home in Scotland. Every week, the staff took a proportion of the children’s pocketmoney to pay for holidays. Little Stevie developed a daring strategy to hang on to what little money he had. He laughs about it now.”I used to swallow all my coins.That got them really furious, so they’d put me in a room on my own as a punishment. After a few minutes in there, I’d hit myself on the chest and cough the money back up.”
Everything Stevie has swallows comes back dry, except for the goldfish.They swim about in his stomach in the water that he swallows for them first. After ten minutes they resume their normal lives in a goldfish bowl.”They never dies”, says Stevie. He also smokes a cigarette, retains the smoke in his stomach, and he swallows some washing-up liquid, blows a huge bubble, brings up the smoke and gas inside the bubble, cuts the bubble off, and BANG!
Watching his routine is an uncomfortable experience.” I can feel my stomach moving around while I talk to you”,says Stevie. He swallows some sugar, followed by a glass of water, and brings the sugar back dry.
When members of the audience, who have checked the dates of coins beforehand, ask for a 1978 10p or a 1988 20p, he extracts it from the pile of coins in his stomach and brings it up.
Phisycally, he doesn’t believe he is any different from the rest of the human race, who use their stomachs simply to digest food. “It’s all done by muscle control”,he says. “I imagine a little pair of hands in there doing everything, controlled by my brain. I’m sure I could teach anyone to do what I do.”

Whose finger is on the button
In your house?
Imagine the scene: you and your family are relaxing after a hard day’s work. You’ve just watched the news on TV. What are you going to watch next? Or,perhaps more importantly, who decides what are you going to watch next? Whose finger is on the button?
Deciding what to watch on TV is a battle of wills that is fought in homes all over the world. This television conflict is part of a bigger power game which goes on in homes, even though most of the players are unaware that they are playing a game at all. The game is all about the balance of power in the home, and who’s in control.
Unconsciously, people begin to play the game as soon as they meet their future husband or wife. By the time th couple get married, the rules of the game are already well-established. The big decisions, like where to live and which school to send the children to, are usually joint decisions.
“Family power struggles are fascinating”, says a psychologist. “ Of course, some people are nnaturally more dominant than others. These days, even though so many couples make a conscious effort to have a true and equal partnership, men generally have a greater need to appear to be in physical control. Women are not as interested in physical control as in emotional control. On the whole they can make the man think sth was his idea in the first place.
Recently, research psychologists persuaded 400 families to have a ‘C-Box’ installed in their living rooms. This is a video machine which watches you as you watch TV. They found that 80% of the time it was the man in the house who had the finger on the button, followed by the eldest child, then the youngest child and only then the woman of the house.
When the ‘C-Box’ was used to study groups of the children on their own watching television, the researchers found that the children who had the remote control liked to show off their power by irritating everyone and changing channels every two or three minutes.
So, next time you’ve got your finger on the button ready to ZAP the rest of the family with your assertiveness, think about the power game you’re playing.

Long Life
Scientists are finally beginning to unlock the secret eveyone has been dying to know: just how long can we live? They confidently preidct that in the 21st century people will be living to the incredible age of 130. And this is just the start. Experts studying the process of ageing believe it is possible that people will live long enough to have great-great-great-great-grandchildren. This prediction is based on research and on the fact that the centenarian population is mushrooming as our general health improves. There are around 4000 of over 100 in Britain-ten times more than 30 years ago.
A celebrated biologist, is the co-ordinator of a project which is studying the growing senior citizen populatoin. He and his colleagues are looking at our genes, which, they believe, hold the key to what kills us, early or late in life.
A century ago average life expectancy in Europe was 45. Today, providing we look after ourselves, drive our cars carefully, and cut down on things like butter, alcohol, and cigarettes, we can add nearly 30 years to that figure.
But that is nothing compared to what will happen once scientists have cracked the secret of our genes. Some of the problem genes have already been tracked down, like those that cause muscular dystrophy. Researchers say, “Nobody dies from old age- just from diseases that affect people as they get older, about 50% of cancers arre curable, and we really believe that this will increase to 80%.
There are also encouraging developments in the fight against Aids, the experts are cautiously hopeful that by early in the next century the disease will have been brought under control. Doctors believe that the death rate from the biggest killers- diseases of the circulatory system –will decline as man comes to his scenes by giving up smoking and eating more healthily.
Doctors believe that as life span increases, so will other expectations. Women will be having babies at an older age. “More an more women are having their first child when they are over 30,” they say. “ In another ten years people might think it normal for a woman of 50 to be having her first child.” What about living forever? Will eternal life ever become a reality? “So far, that is science fiction,” say researchers. “Theoretically it is possible, but it will be another hundred, perhaps two hundred years before we know all the secrets of our genes.”

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mother Nature
Day's have come and day's have gone.They seam to pass to quickly.The sun comes up so quietly, it sneaks upon the earth.As the dew shines so softly in it rays,the sparkle we do see. The jewels of nature it reveals.Gently warming the earth, and breeze.The birds start to sing.There melody gently waking us from our sleep.Calling us to meet a brand new day.
poem written by arcticwolf8
Ebony fingersClutch the morning sky,With reluctance releasingNights' curtain sliding by.Windswept wisps,Painted by a palette bold;Awash with jeweled tonesOf crimson, bronze and gold.
Poem written by HarleyGal

Friday, May 05, 2006

My Favorite Country
Name : Lebanon
Capital : Beirut
Nationality : Lebanese
Language : Arabic official language, French & English also spoken.
Ethnic groups : Most of them Arab, some Armenians , Kurds and Jews.
Religions : Muslim and Christian sects.

Lebanon has a Mediterranean climate. It has a hot and dry summer, cool and rainy winter. Spring comes when the winter rains cause the vegetation to refresh. Fall is a transitional season with little rain.
Beirut is the capital of this country. It has a population of about 3 millions people, it is the commercial center of the region. Most of the main organizations o f Lebanon is located here.
Jounieh is located between Beirut and Byblos. It has a lovely bay, rising mountains, and natural settings on the coast.

Anjar is located 58 Km from Beirut. It is completely different from any other archaeological experience you will have in Lebanon. Anjar also stands unique as the only historical place of a commercial center. It has a special beauty that you will not forget it.

Laklouk is located on Faray’s road. It is a warm and glorious alpine paradise in the summer. It has a fresh air and rugged beauty in which you can do outdoor activities, relax and enjoy its cultural arts.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

1) English : I Love You 2) Persian : Tora doost daram 3) Italian : Ti amo 4) German : Ich liebe Dich 5) Turkish : Seni Seviyurum 6) French : Je t'aime 7) Greek : S'ayapo 8) Spanish : Te quiero 9) Hindi : Mai tumase pyre karati hun 10) Arabic : Ana Behibak 11) Iranian : Man doosat daram12) Japanese:Kimi o ai shiteru 13)Yugoslavian:Ya te volim14) Korean : Nanun tangshinul sarang hamnida15) Russian:Ya vas liubliu16) Romanian : Te iu besc 17) Vietnamese : Em ye^u anh 18) Ukrainian : Ja tebe koKHAju 19) Tunisian : Ha eh bak 20) Syrian/lebanese : Bhebbek 21) Swiss-German : Ch'ha di ga"rn 22) Swedish : Jag a"Iskar dig23)Africans:Ek het jou liefe24)Bavarian : I mog di narrisch gern25) Albanian : Te dua 26)Czech:Miluji

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Happy Now Ruz !
Now Ruz is the celebration of New Year which begins on the first day of spring or on April 21. People celebrate New Year for the first 13 days of spring only.They believe that it’s better to buy new clothes to be different in New Year. They visit older members of the family on the first few days. The elder ones will give gifts or money called Eidi to children.
On the 13th day of the first month, everybody will leave their homes and spend the day in nature.This day is called Sizdebedar.

Last Wednesday of the year is called Charshanbe Suri. In the evening of this day, bonfires are lit in public places with the help of fire and light. People esp the youth leap over the flames , shouting: Give me your beautiful red color , and take back my sickly pallor ! They believe by going over the fire , they will get rid of all their illnesses and misfortunes.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I am a 19- year- old girl who lives in capital of Iran, Tehran. I study English at Al-zahra university which is the best university in this course.This university has a single sex educational system.Most of the skillful professors such as Dr Susan Marandi teach here.Now I am passing essay writing course with her, I am proud of her because she has given us many opportunities to improve like making blog to contact with people around the world. I’ve chosen a foreign language to be familiar with other cultures. I really like to collect new information about other countries. What is your idea on this issue?I am really interested in your opinion about Iran. Now you can read some interesting points about Iran. Don’t lose this golden opportunity. I guess you are waiting to know about my beautiful country.

Tehran was known as capital of Iran in 19th century.Nearly 12 millions people live in Tehran nowadays.New roads link the western part of the city to the northen quarters.High buildings have been established right and left. Large stores ,super-markets, self-service shops have been opened ,public buildings, government department and historical buildings have been built and an array of giant cranes show the development fever.
You will be attracted by its cool evening , pure sky , several parks, beautiful alleys which are designed by trees , ancient gates , unique landscape of mountains and visible fountains which make Tehran as one of the modern cities.
The Golestan Palace belongs to Qajar’s period. When you enter it , you feel
comfortable and peaceful , although you are in the heart of city. Qajar’s furniture reminds us that period.
Damavand Mt is the highest peak of Iran which is located in Alborz ranges. People can see its covered snow view from everyside city. If you are in Tehran in winter , don’t worry about doing winter sports.Shemshak, Shahrestanak, and Dizine will accommodate you by Mt hotels and ski-clubs. Also you can enjoy yourself by sitting around ancient tables beside darakeh streams. Don’t forget to taste
delicious food and drinks.